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Apothecary Labs brings professionalism, consistency and health-consciousness to the medibles market. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, their organically made and scientifically innovative cannabis products rises above misinformation and offers patients a consistent way to micro-dose using medical cannabis. They value the spread of health, education, empowerment, and they reflect those values by creating health-conscious products to help as many people in need as possible.

Apothecary Labs sources their ingredients from local vendors and uses a variety of extraction processes to create their products after researching the best methods to create each with consistent results. Some of their products use finely extracted oils and others use their proprietary process of making water-soluble THC. Every product produced by Apothecary labs is tested prior to distribution so all of their products contain honest dosage labels.

Carrying a wide range of medibles, tinctures, dog treats and more, using only the purest ingredients to create their cannabis products.

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